Store all the precious moment – Muse R-Duo RAID

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)


Store all the precious moment – Muse R-Duo RAID

(Excerpt from press release)

July, 2007 – Thermaltake always has been the leader of innovation and creativity when it comes to product development. While many companies try to be creative, there are a lot of tacky and unfashionable designs out there that simply repel the majority of the consumers. The new Muse R-Duo RAID from Thermaltake emphasizes on simplicity and elegance while combining a sleek aluminum finish for a perfect fusion between design and structure.

Muse R-Duo RAID is a dual 3.5” drive bay that supports the SATA interface. The interface is interchangeable between USB2.0 and eSATA, dependent on the user’s preference. With such versatility, the user can use the Muse R-Duo RAID anywhere they want to. With data protection and RAID 0, 1 abilities, users will never have to worry about the safety and security of the data within their drives. As long as the presets are set, users can easily back up their valuable data with a one-touch function on the Muse R-Duo RAID.In order to increase the cooling capacity within the enclosure since there are two drives running in parallel, Thermaltake has placed in a silent and low-RPM fan to ensure the efficiency of the hard disk drives without being disturbed by fan noise.

The Muse R-Duo RAID can also be connected to a HUB to be used within an enterprise as a network-attached storage solution. If used at home, the Muse R-Duo RAID can be used as a storage database for all the media that users record and preserve. With a RAID function enabled, there will be no worries that the data will ever be lost.

LED lights are placed in front of the Muse R-Duo RAID enclosure for the users to easily monitor the health status of the unit. The RAID functions, backup system, and appearance of the Muse R-Duo RAID will let the users to benefit dramatically from an economic investment.