Soprano family joined new fresh blood – The Soprano FX

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)


Soprano family joined new fresh blood – The Soprano FX

(Excerpt from press release)

July, 2007 – In the beginning of the year 2007, Thermaltake Technology, the leader of system cooling technologies released the Soprano DX chassis. The chassis not only fulfilled the needs for heavy gamers, it also perfectly fits in living room with it’s simple and stylish exterior. Now, the DNA on the DX is being transcribed into its new family member, the Soprano FX. Taking the essences that made the Soprano famous, the Soprano FX not only has all the advantages of the Soprano DX, the Soprano FX is now more spacious and user-friendly for modification, yet still stylish – an ideal concept for the modern user.

The design concept of Soprano FX come from Bezier Curve, a parametric curve important in computer graphics, it perfectly transcribed the aluminum S-shaped front panel. In addition, the piano coating body and aluminum brushed front door presented better classical looks. Soprano FX uses it’s design to bring technology into living, it attracts everyone’s attention wherever it placed.

The FX structure features ten 5.25” drive bays and eight 3.5” drive bays in standard ATX mode. As expected, the chassis is able to support extended ATX form factor motherboards. Moreover, the Soprano FX has improved the versatility of the power switch, it can be moved around up and down on the front panel, depending on the preferences of the user. eSATA has been introduced as a standard port on the I/O panel. It’s transmission speed which over 3Gbps also provides user better experience on the Multimedia applications.

Thermaltake has once again tuned the Soprano FX towards the recommendations of the consumers and made the 3.5” cage removable for easy installation. With this function added, user can save time on changing HDDs and need not worry finding screws. It also provides more spaces for the user to install their long VGA cards.

Soprano FX’s ventilation design provides a stable system environment. It has three standard system fans with another LED silent fans equipped. The airflow inside could take away the heat produced by HDD and VGA card effectively. Optional 23cm fan equipped on side panel could enhance the airflow even better.

The Soprano FX is essentially the revolution of the full-towers in the computer systems market. Silent, cool, stylish, versatile, user-friendly, the Soprano FX is an excellent choice for both the home users and power gamers.