Bacatá announces the availability of Swiftech’s latest VGA Waterblock, the Obsidian

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

The Obsidian VGA waterblock is designed for nVidia GeForce 8800 GT, GTS (G92) and

9800 GTX graphic cards. The compatibility with the different circuit board layouts
between those GeForce models can be provided simply, by a unique adjustable mounting

The Ultimate GeForce Cooling Performances
The Obsidian waterblock cools both GPU and onboard memory. It shares the same core
CPU cooling technology as the Apogee GT & GTX processors waterblocks, which are
recognized among the best performing waterblocks on the market, and uses revised
Ramcool cold plates to dissipate the heat off the memory.
Mosfet cooling is handled by passive aluminium heatsinks, specific whether they are
used with a 8800 or a 9800 graphic card.

A Unique Design
A unique innovation in the design
comes from adjustable standoffs,
providing compatibility with all nVidia
reference design boards in the 8800
GT, GTS (G92) and 9800 GTX series.

Triple SLI Ready
The Obsidian waterblock is
compatible with triple SLI setups,
thanks to its low profile and
the use of new custom fittings
specially designed to link-up all
three waterblocks either in series
or in parallel.

The Internal Structure
The CNC machined C110 copper base plate is at the heart of Obsidian waterblock
cooling efficiency.
Designed and optimized using Computational Fluid Dynamics, it benefits from the same
Diamond Pin Matrix technology, used in the Award winning Apogee GT & GTX.
Actually, Swiftech used the Apogee GT & GTX base plates to build the Obsidian, thus
guaranteeing the absolute best performance on the market.

MSRP w/o VAT: 89.90 euros