NRP-PC402: Go Green! Build a Forest in your PC

Save electricity, valuable! Save Earth, priceless!

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Xigmatek announces all new and totally green NRP-PC402 power supply and becomes an eco-friendly enterprise to be responsible to our world.


NRP-PC402 is not only a high AC-DC switching efficiency PSU over 85% but it’s package also recycled materials used. Users can reduce energy waste, heat release, CO2 emission, and save forest while playing games. NRP-PC402 is a green power with high building quality and fancy design. Xigmatek makes efforts to build an Earth-loving power supply. Now it’s your term to do something for our mother Earth.

  • Offers real and continuous 400W with very stable voltage regulation and clean DC quality.
  • Special 140mm semi-transparent black fan was controlled by temperature to keep silence.
  • All DC cables on PC series include mesh sleeves to optimize cooling airflow.
  • Dual and quad cores CPU could be support by 12V 4+4pin connector.
  • Provide PCIe 6pin/6+2pin connectors to support high-end graphic card.
  • Bundling-in active PFC supports universal AC voltage input.
  • 0.99 PF rate means minimum electricity was loss from power station to your PC.