SAPPHIRE offers BumpTop to graphics users

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

SAPPHIRE Technology has just announced that it is making BumpTop, the revolutionary desktop alternative for the PC, available to users of SAPPHIRE graphics cards.


BumpTop changes the way the users organise and use files and applications by making a 3D view on screen within which icons can be arranged, grouped and used – more similar to the way real items are used on a desk or table top than the traditional 2D view.

BumpTop has dozens of themes to choose from, allowing the user to chose a look and feel as well as colour scheme to suit different styles or even changes in moods. In the 3D BumpTop view, users can create piles, just like people do in real life. But with advanced search and sort capabilities, it’s always easy to find things again.

A very visual system, BumpTop lets users interact with items on the desktop. For example, important files or sticky notes can be stuck to a wall so they are not forgotten. And BumpTop makes more frequently used files get bigger and heavier so they can be found more easily.

BumpTop also lets users stay connected to friends and family right from the desktop. Users can create a photo frame on a wall to watch friends‘ photo feeds, or toss a photo to a Twitter or Facebook widget to share it within a social network.

“SAPPHIRE makes great graphics cards, and when you combine BumpTop with a SAPPHIRE GPU you get an amazing, immersive, visual experience,” said Anand Agawarawla, BumpTop co-founder and CEO. “We’re excited that SAPPHIRE has chosen BumpTop to help demonstrate the value of 3D graphics in everyday computing.”

Existing users of SAPPHIRE original graphics cards will be able to download BumpTop from With future new products, BumpTop will be available on the installation disk shipped with SAPPHIRE graphics cards.

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