Nexus Technology BV Releases the New NX-6000 R3

NEW NX-6000 - More Wattage, High Efficiency and Real Silent

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Nexus Technology BV, after the successfull upgrade of the NX-5000 to the NX-5000 R3 in September 2009. We introduce to you the NX-6000 R3. The Nexus NX-5000 R3 already have won several awards, and will now have a bigger brother the NX-6000 R3 Real Silent Power Supply.


The New NX-6000 provides 630 Watt True Power and the efficiency level meets the 82 Plus Bronze standard. We sticked to the Black and White design, but made the chassis a bit smaller than regular ATX power supplies. In the years components get smaller and more efficient so lesser space is needed to house all the necessary parts. Your system benefits from this little bit of extra space as there is more room for airflow and cooling. And as icing on the cake the new NX-6000 has a great looking X-mesh sleeving to keep the cables nice and tidy.

We are proud to offer this amazingly silent 630 Watt power supply to you: Nexus NX-6000 R3

The NX-6000 R3 is a single 12V rail power supplies and offer over 82% efficiency. The NX-6000 R3 comes with X-mesh sleeved cables and got an inaudible performance.