How OUKITEL C8 beat Xiaomi Redmi 4X?

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Xiaomi Redmi 4X gets huge sales lately, meanwhile OUKITEL launched its first 18:9 entry-level smartphone, which is infinity display —–C8. In 2017 OUKITEL C8 as an entry-level Star product comes into sight. Today we have a comparison and show you why OUKITEL C8 is worth buying.


Display and hand feel:
OUKITEL C8 stands out because its specs. Firstly, C8 gets 5.5” 18:9 display while Redmi 4X has 5.0” 16:9 display. C8’s display is longer and narrower, the frame of C8 is narrower, and owns frameless design on sides. It meets our beauty-appreciation in nowadays. You will feel more comfortable when you hold it on your hands to play games or watch TV shows. The impressions of C8 is bigger and better. OUKITEL C8 size wins.

More Colors for you:
Obviously, C8 gets 5 colors. Nevertheless, Redmi 4X has 3 colors. OUKITEL C8 brings you more choices from 5 popular colors of high-quality of smartphones. C8 can be regarded as family-friendly model, 5 colors fit every people’s taste.

Taking photos:
With same grade of Memory, the comparison of taking picture is particularly important. See the comparison chart, C8 gets more warm-toned pictures, the color saturation is higher. The content in picture is certainly larger. C8’s picture is closed to the entity. Yet Redmi 4X’s pictures just as using a filter. So which one you like better?

Specs contrast:

From this full data comparisons, we believe you know the details very well. Every specs data is similar but the most surprised one for you is definitely this price! OUKITEL C8 only sell for $69.99, by contrast RedMi 4X takes you $109. OUKITEL always do the best for making more cost-effective product. C8 is one of them. OUKITEL C8 VS XiaoMi RedMi, what is the end result? We believe every reader knows the answer before we ask you. See more details and purchase: OUKITEL C8