DOOGEE Back to School Sale

Up to 30% discount

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Welcome back to shcool, Doogee always get your back, Now join “DOOGEE Back to Shcool Sale” grab it for a promotional price, Discount up to 30%.


1. New product Sale for you.

Doogee n20: 99.99 usd
Doogee s90pro: 299.99 usd

2. Aliexpress sale for you.

Doogee Y8: 79.99 USD
Doogee n10: 89.99usd
Doogee y8c:59.99usd

3. Doogeemamall Sale for you.

Doogee s40: $99.99
Doogee s90: $279.99
Doogee s60: $259.99
Doogee s70:$269.99
Doogee s80: $299.99