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A rash of cases of the COVID-19 had popped up in Europe in late January. It has been spreading out almost every where in the world with a large group of infected people. The other thing that’s surprising is that, according to the patient statement, the focal patient never had any symptoms, which made the virus spread to healthy people easily. The status is getting more severely, it’s not safe to go out to work anymore.


As a result, more and more people choose to work at home. Home office will become a global trend worldwide. Working at home without being affected and keep you safe both financially and physically is quite brilliant.

However, how could we work as efficiently as in the office? Firstly, keep a regular timetable for work and rest. Secondly, set up a separate working area at home and get yourself comfortable tables and chairs. More importantly, a smooth operating system is highly recommended. Under the influence of the epidemic, office software will set off a rush to buy.

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The benefits of trusting Microsoft Office 2019 for your SoHo work don’t end at installing and setting up the PC, though. Microsoft Office 2019 is with more useful features that will make your work simply and high-efficiently. Getting your PC an upgrade with the best price now for only €29.50 with coupon code KWS50. Office 2016 Pro Plus is absolutely the most familiar office software for most of people.You will also can get 40% off with another special coupon code KWS40 to get the office 2016 at only €19.79

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As soon as logging in to Windows 10 PC with a Microsoft Account the unique configuration settings and user profile information are automatically applied. Personal data in the cloud—using a combination of Microsoft OneDrive and Box—there is no need to transfer data either. It’s not too late to make the switch. To help people get a better working experience under the influence of COVID-19 epidemic, Keysworlds offers a 38% discount which will cost you only €8.67 to get Windows 10 for your PC upgrade. Apply for an exclusive discount code KWS38 for your order now.

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