TEAMGROUP Online Launch Event 2021: A Magnificent Showcase of Next-Gen Technologies

“Chill the Heat, Feel the Speed, Make it Big”

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

17/09/2021 – At this year’s online COMPUTEX expo in May, TEAMGROUP unveiled its 2021 lineup under three major themes: Heat Dissipation, Large Capacity, and DDR5. Today it is announcing the TEAMGROUP Online Launch Event 2021, which will be held live on September 23 at 10 pm Taipei (UTC+8), 10 am New York (UTC-4) and 3 pm London (UTC+1) simultaneously. The event will once more showcase TEAMGROUP’s product development capabilities and industry-leading technologies. In addition to focusing on the three major themes again, the launch will feature special effect scenes to highlight the design concepts of the new lineup. Fans around the world are sincerely invited to this multisensory experience that incorporates the virtual and physical worlds, and to witness 2021’s biggest technology event of TEAMGROUP as it launches the new generation of groundbreaking T-FORCE products.


The TEAMGROUP Online Launch Event 2021 will continue the core idea of „Chill the Heat, Feel the Speed, Make it Big,“ highlighting the “four elements of cooling” and innovative technologies during the worldwide debut of T-FORCE series products and real-time interactions with the audience. Starting with the reappearance of the aerospace-grade ceramic and patented graphene heatsink technology of T-FORCE SSDs, the Online Launch Event will also present more next-gen DDR5 memory and products with eye-widening capacity. To get a preview of the premier audiovisual experience and to learn more about the new products, check out the official TEAMGROUP event page and YouTube channel for the exciting event trailer, and make sure to tune in as more trailblazing products being presented.

To bring global audiences together and celebrate the annual event, the TEAMGROUP Online Launch Event 2021 will be holding an official giveaway with prizes worth over $7,000 USD. Follow TEAMGROUP’s social media on the official event pages and share the event with your friends from now until September 22 for your chance to win the following prizes: a Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition Console bundled with the Monster Hunter Rise video game, along with a gaming desktop PC, a memory kit, solid-state drives, and many other fantastic prizes. For more details, stay tuned to the official event pages, mark your calendars and join TEAMGROUP as it sets yet another astonishing achievement of its glorious history.