ATI’s Extensive Line-up of Activities at SIGGRAPH 2004 Includes Technical Talks by Industry Leaders, Demonstrations of Graphics Hardware and Software

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

MARKHAM, Ontario/ Munich, Germany – July 29, 2004 – ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT) is offering a great learning environment for academics and industry insiders at SIGGRAPH 2004, being held in Los Angeles, CA, August 8-12. Bringing together top industry experts on a range of important topics, ATI’s conference activities are a must-see at this year’s show. SIGGRAPH will be an impressive demonstration of ATI’s leadership in the graphics industry showcasing a wide range of industry-leading ATI products for the workstation, Mac and mobile platforms. The most exciting and dynamic booth (#1101) at this year’s show, ATI will be a hub of activity at SIGGRAPH 2004.


Numerous technical talks and demonstrations throughout the conference will be presented by ATI’s highly respected engineers, whose continual focus on research is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in graphics today. Get a first-hand introduction to what ATI’s R&D teams have been working on to advance graphics technology.

  • The Power of Pixel Shaders: Using High-Level Shading Languages in Professional Applications
    Programmable pixel shaders are all the rage for today’s computer games. But how can they be leveraged in today’s workstation software applications? Learn how high-level shading languages are used to create a new generation of professional content creation and CAD applications

  • RenderMonkey(tm): An Effective Environment for Shader Prototyping and Development
    A new process for real-time shader prototyping and development using an improved development environment for shader content creation: the RenderMonkey(tm) IDE.

  • Practical Real-Time Hair Rendering and Shading
    A real-time algorithm for hair rendering using a polygon model, which was used in the real-time animation „Ruby: The Double Cross,“ appearing in the SIGGRAPH 2004 Computer Animation Festival.

  • Real-Time Skin Rendering on Graphics Hardware
    An algorithm that approximates the appearance of subsurface scattering by blurring the diffuse illumination in texture space using graphics hardware.

  • UberFlow: A GPU-Based Particle Engine
    A particle engine on GPU for real-time animation of large particle sets using OpenGL memory objects to create, manipulate, and render geometry without read-back, including inter-particle collision and visibility sorting.

  • The Making of „Ruby: The DoubleCross“
    Topics include the process of creating this stunning animation from the initial concept to the finished real-time demo and the content-creation and graphics-engine sides of the demo, including detailed discussion of the shading techniques using Direct3D HLSL shaders.

ATI’s booth will be a great opportunity to see ATI’s native PCI Express(tm) graphics in action and will feature the first public viewings of the latest workstation graphics accelerator and mobile gaming platforms. ISV partners, including Adobe, Alias, Apple, Bunkspeed, Discreet, ICEM, Luxology, SideEffects, Silicon Image, Softimage and Solidworks will all be presenting software demos at the booth as well as stage presentations to be held every 30 minutes. Schedules will be available at ATI’s booth starting on August 10th to help attendees plan for these great demonstrations.

Ruby, ATI’s digital superstar, will be featured in the Computer Animation Festival, running Sunday through Thursday in Rooms 409AB and 411 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Ruby was developed as a collaboration between ATI’s 3D Application Research Group (3DARG) and RhinoFX, a leading animation company to showcase the inherent possibilities of the latest high-end graphics technology.

ATI’s graphics technology can also be found at our partners booths and events, including 3Dconnexion (Booth# 2218), Alias (Booth# 1312), AMD (Booth#1334), Discreet (Booth# 1700), HP (Booth# 919) Intel (Booth# 1846), PhaseSpace (Guerilla Studio), SGI (Booth# 1447), Side Effects (Booth# 1328) and Softimage (Booth# 1547).

Details on times and places for technical talks and demonstrations can be found at or