New Maxtor OneTouch II Drive Raises the Bar in Consumer Backup

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

MILPITAS, Calif., Sept. 20 – Simple, safe and

powerful describe the new Maxtor OneTouch(TM) II drive, the next generation of
Maxtor Corporation’s (NYSE: MXO) award-winning external drive family that
allows consumers to easily back up family photos, MP3 music collections, and
other important personal and business data with a simple touch of a button. No
high tech knowledge is required to set up the new drive, giving consumers no
excuse to not backup their computers.

Leveraging the company’s first-to-market leadership and proven expertise
in external storage and push button backup, the new Maxtor OneTouch II drive
offers an exclusive version of Dantz(R) Retrospect(R) software for easy
backup, a Maxtor DriveLock(TM) security feature for added data protection and
more powerful restore capabilities, including historical backup recovery.

“Combine all this with a new, consumer-friendly user interface, and now
the most difficult part of a backup solution may be choosing which capacity
Maxtor OneTouch II drive to buy,” said Mike Williams, vice-president of
marketing for Maxtor’s Branded Products.

“The new Maxtor OneTouch II drive is unequaled in its intuitive
functionality,” he said. “We listened to our customers and incorporated
features and functions that improve upon our existing solution. The Maxtor
OneTouch family continues to be the leading external hard drive for consumers,
creative professionals, mobile warriors and small-business users.”

New features of the Maxtor OneTouch II external drive include:

  • Simpler backup — No complex menus or commands or in-depth technical
    knowledge are required to set up the Maxtor OneTouch II drive. The new
    click-through installation asks a few simple questions such as the
    user’s name and preferred language, while configuring the software in
    the background to automatically back up all locally connected drives
    and files on the computer every day. This powerful, yet simple, default
    setting backs up virtually everything on the local drives including all
    Microsoft Outlook emails, address books, Internet favorites, My
    Documents folder, operating system, applications and more. Once
    installed, the Maxtor OneTouch II drive runs quietly and automatically.
    Users do not even have to close an application or a file for the drive
    to back up the saved versions.

  • DriveLock security — The Maxtor OneTouch II also offers Maxtor’s new
    DriveLock feature for added data protection. This feature allows users
    to password-protect the contents of the drive, keeping important data
    safe from unauthorized users. Once a consumer powers down the computer,
    or the drive is removed from the system, access to the drive will be
    automatically locked until the correct user defined password is

  • More powerful restore — If data is lost, restoring a backed up copy
    from the Maxtor OneTouch II drive to the source system is simple. With
    historical backup copies, users can restore their entire system to its
    backed up status from yesterday, two days ago or even two weeks ago.
    The user is simply guided though a three-step process that includes
    clicking on the desired point in time, selecting the files or folders
    to restore and then choosing the destination for the restore. The drive
    also self-manages its storage space and deletes older backup versions
    as the drive fills up.

  • New user interface — Maxtor has redesigned the graphical user
    interface from the ground up so that installation and setup are easier
    than ever. The wizard has an exclusive design that combines storage,
    security and backup in a single solution, in contrast to other
    offerings that only drop in software without integration

  • Mac(R) bootability function* — Mac users have the option to create a
    fully bootable backup copy of their main system drive. Once a bootable
    backup copy is made, users can restart their system quickly using their
    Maxtor OneTouch II drive as if it were their system drive. Nothing
    needs to be moved or disconnected.

  • New look — The Maxtor OneTouch II drive sports a new, sophisticated,
    contemporary look that suits a home or office setting and distinguishes
    it from competing products.

“Maxtor has helped make external storage and backup solutions a popular
and growing consumer market category,” said Larry Zulch, CEO and president of
Dantz. “It’s been a pleasure working with Maxtor to develop Retrospect Express
HD backup software for their next generation Maxtor OneTouch II drive. The
Maxtor OneTouch II is a significant achievement in consumer data protection,
combining true backup power and honest ease of use.”

Pricing and Availability
The new Maxtor OneTouch II external drive comes with a 7200RPM 300GB or
250GB hard drive with a 16MB buffer. Both feature a combo FireWire(R)/USB 2.0
interface for easy connection to a Mac or PC. The drives are available through
Maxtor’s network of leading retailers, distributors and online stores. They
are also available at Suggested retail price is $379.95 for
300GB and $329.95 for 250GB. Additional capacities will be rolled out later
this year.