Introducing: Club-3D All-In-Wonder X600 Pro

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Grab the remote and surf an unprecedented set of TV, DVD, audio and video features. With 256MB DDR of 128bit memory and a 4 Pixel Pipeline, Club-3D ALL-IN-WONDER X600 Pro delivers increased rendering power for faster, cinematic quality graphics. Filled with customizable home entertainment features, Club-3D ALL-IN-WONDER X600 Pro is the engine behind cutting-edge gaming, broadcast and PC entertainment on the PCI Express

platform. The new highly improved ATI Control Panel software gives clear and plain access to all your desktop settings including Video, Multi Monitor, TV-out and 3D Gaming.


  • 400MHz Engine Clock speed
  • 300MHz Memory Speed
  • 256MB DDR Memory
  • 4 DirectX 9 Pixel-pipelines
  • 2 parallel Vertex-pipelines
  • Memory Interface 128 bit
  • RAMDAC 400MHz
  • x16 lane PCI-Express
  • Stereo PAL TV tuner
  • Video In, Video Out
  • Remote Wonder 1 RF Remote Control


  • DirectX 9.x compliant
  • OpenGL 1.5 support
  • DVI-I (VGA) out (suitable for CRT and digital LCD)
  • HD15 (VGA) out (Suitable for CRT and analog LCD)
  • VertexShaders 2.x
  • PixelShaders 2.x
  • Full Screen Anti Aliasing Gamma Correction
  • Video Gamma Correction
  • All format DTV/HDTV decoding
  • Integrated 165MHz TMDS Transmitter
  • Integrated TV-out up to 1024×768
  • PAL TV-tuner
  • Video Gamma Correction
  • All format DTV/HDTV decoding
  • Stereo PAL TV tuner with 125 channels
  • Radio frequency wireless remote


  • S-video/Composite converter
  • DVI/CRT converter
  • VIVO/Line-out extension cable
  • E-Manual and driver CD
  • ATI Multi Media Center
  • PowerDVD 5
  • PowerDirector 3 DE
  • Colin McRae 2004 Rally game
  • Remote Wonder 1 (RF remote control)