SiS Announces Chipset License Agreement on Intel Pentium 4 FSB 1066MHz

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei – February 16, 2005 – Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS), a leading supplier of core logic chipsets, today announced that it has signed a long-term licensing contract with Intel for the manufacture and sale of chipsets for the Intel Pentium4 processor with 1066MHz front side bus. The new generation of FSB 1066MHz chipsets increases the data transfer rate to 8.3GB per second, compared to 6.4GB in FSB 800MHz generation chipsets.


SiS’ long-term dedication to computer chipset research and commitment to quality have received industry wide recognition.

„SiS will be offering the SiS656FX and SiS670 FSB 1066MHz chipsets for the Intel Pentium 4 processors which will be the cornerstones of our high-end chipset marketing strategy,“ said Daniel Chen, the CEO and President of SiS, „These new SiS chipsets will provide yet another high-end option for consumers seeking extreme performance, and give more users the opportunity to experience the advanced performance and superior quality of SiS chipset technology.“

* Information of SiS Chipsets for supporting P4 FSB 1066MHz and PCI Express: