Albatron’s PX915P-2V jumps on 64-bit Celeron D technology

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Albatron Technology announced its PX915P-2V mainboard which uses Intel Celeron D series (LGA 775 socket) CPUs which support the much-anticipated EM64T technology. With this CPU, the PX915P-2V provides users with a more price-friendly transition into the world of Intel 64-bit platforms.


With the advent of Intel 64-bit technology, the world of 64-bit is now complete along with AMD 64-bit CPUs and Microsoft’s recent 64-bit operating systems. This now opens up the field for a new generation of 64-bit applications that will be sure to take advantage of the additional processing power and address space. As for now, the PX915P-2V still is capable of 32-bit application support along with support for 32-bit operating systems. The Intel Celeron D will also include support for the Execute Disable Bit, an important feature that prevents malicious attacks of memory space causing buffer-overflows. The Intel Celeron D is also built on extremely fast, power-efficient 90 nm process technology. Aside from Celeron D CPUs, this mainboard can also support Pentium 4 CPUs.

As mentioned, the PX915P-2V will give users a more economic way to transition into new 64-bit technology. As well, DDR2 533 MHz memory, which is also used by this board, is expected to come down in price due to an increase in chipsets employ DDR2. This board uses the Intel i915P/ICH6 chipsets and contains two PCI-E slots providing dual graphics functionality. The PX915P-2V also includes a Realtec 10/100 Mbps integrated LAN chipset and supports 6 Channel Audio. There are 4 SATA channels on this board.

The PX915P-2V also supports Albatron proprietary technologies, Dr. Speed and the ABS (Albatron BIOS Security) card. Dr. Speed is an easy-to-use GUI Overclocking Tool and Hardware Monitor used to tweak the system and optimise performance. ABS is Albatron’s BIOS backup system used to provide immediate support and repair after a BIOS corruption or a BIOS virus attack (ABS is an optional accessory).

The PX915P-2V allows users access to the latest technology without the usual new technology price tags. With 64-bit technology now in full-gear, there is much to be anticipated from the a new generation of 64-bit applications and the PX915P-2V will be a very attractive option with full features for a large market of price savvy consumers looking to transition.