GECUBE Introduces the World’s Fastest Graphics Card

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan, January 25, 2006 – GECUBE, the major supplier of the world’s leading graphics card brand, today announced the fastest graphic card to be released to the market—the GECUBE RADEON ®X1900XT high-performance graphics card. Powered by the ATI R580XT VPU (visual processing unit), the GECUBE RADEON ®X1900 series is the most and fastest card in the world. The GECUBE™ RADEON X1900 series cards will be made available for purchase simultaneously on the market at a suggested retail price of US$549-649.


GeCube X1900XTD-VIE3

The GECUBE™ RADEON ®X1900 Series Graphics Cards Main Features

  • The world’s fastest graphic cards

    By adopting the ATI R580XT 90-nm VPU and supporting the DirectX 9.0 and Shader Model 3.0, full speed 128-bit floating point processor for all shader operations is maximized. The GECUBE RADEON X1900 graphics cards are the fastest model VPU in the world.

  • Unique ultra-threaded shader engine technology

    A form of hyper multi-threading functionality has been implemented by ATI for its pixel engine called ultra-threading. Since processing is split into threads, dedicated branch execution units accelerate high performance by reducing overhead and cycles in shader processors and thus increase efficiency drastically.

    GeCube X1900XTXD-VIE3
  • Ring Bus Memory Controller

    An evolutionary new architecture, the Ring Bus architecture changes the fundamental ways of how a memory controller operates by first, being configured in a pair of 256-bit wide rings that operate in opposing direction flows. Arranged on the outer edge of the chip, these rings offload requested data to the ring bus and thus optimize display performance at high resolutions including for widescreen HDTVs. The Ring Bus technology also features programmable intelligent arbitration logic, which improves speed and efficacy.

  • Advanced high-quality display

    R580XT supports 48 pixel shader processors which drastically improve the 3D display quality, making the display processing for texture more true-to-life, especially when rendering color processes for flames, feather, or grass.

  • Running advanced High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Adaptive anti-aliasing (AA) technologies simultaneously

    Both the High Dynamic Range (HDR) and adaptive anti-aliasing (AA) technologies sharpen shading and lighting for an intense game-playing experience. But previously, they had to be run separately. Now for the first time, both technologies may be run simultaneously in order to remove jagged and unsightly edges with no image delay.

    GeCube CX1900XT-E2 (CrossFire Master Card)
  • Avivo ™ technology

    Avivo™ radically improves video capture and playback by enhancing all aspects of the video path from encoding to decoding and playback, resulting in quality at 64 times higher the number of colors currently available in current PCs. An unprecedented dual 10-bit processor powers Avivo’s display engine and includes support for H.264 acceleration. The Avivo solution allows users to use their PCs like a home theater with additional support for Personal Video Recording (PVR) and displaying high-resolution TV content with sparkling colors and smooth video display regardless of the type of display: CRT screens, LCDs, projectors, or plasma display panels.

  • Crossfire ™ platform support

    GECUBE RADEON® X1900 is a Crossfire Edition graphics card. The GECUBE RADEON ®X1900 Crossfire Edition is a multi-GPU solution that supports AFR, SuperTiling, Scissor and top-quality Super AA rendering modes including the capability of displaying up to 2048×1536 resolution. Users can also run the 12 multi-sampling anti-aliasing (AA) and 2x Super Sampling AA modes simultaneously, and thus delivering unsurpassed image quality and allows users to experience a true 3D world without ever having to leave the comforts of one’s own living room.