Albatron’s GeForce 7300 GS – Faster, smaller and CHEAPER

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Albatron has announced the GeForce 7300 GS series, PCI-Express VGA cards expected to make significant waves in the market for their excellent performance ratings and very attractive prices. These cards come with recent technologies that increase performance but also conveniently reduce expenditures. They are full-play gaming cards that can be had at a price that is sure to attract attention.


The NVIDIA® GeForce 7300 GS GPU employs the smaller 90 nm process technology which lowers distances that data travels, lowers power consumption and lowers heat which in effect raises performance and stability. The condensed technology also results in a smaller and cheaper GPU die thus lowering the price of the card.

The GeForce 7300 GS series also uses Turbo Cache technology which allows a VGA card to borrow portions of system memory, again lowering the cost of memory on the card. Albatron’s 7300 GS series includes cards with 64 MB, 128 MB all the way up to 256 MB of on-board memory which is double the memory suggested by NVIDIA’s official specification. These cards use the newer Turbo Cache 2.0 technology which makes more efficient use of on-board memory which requires less read access from system memory, enhancing Turbo Cache effects and increasing performance.

The amount of total memory available to the card using Turbo Cache is dependant on the onboard memory and the amount of system memory available as described by the table below. The memory bus is 64-bit but is compensated by Turbo Cache performance.

The GeForce 7300 GS GPU, previously codenamed G72, contains 4 Pixel Shader pipelines and 3 Vertex Shaders. The default core clock is a sizzling 550 MHz. It also supports Microsoft’s® DirectX® 9.0c, Shader Model 3.0 programming standards and HDR (High Dynamic Range Lighting). This GPU is also geared up with NVIDIA’s latest video technology PureVideoTM which provides non-CPU invasive, DVD-player quality encoding and decoding facilities which also includes HDTV capabilities.

Albatron’s GeForce 7300 GS series VGA cards are unique in that they use the latest technology to up performance but also to lower costs. This may sound too good to be true but Turbo Caching, a speedy GPU and 90 nanometer process technology will bring you robust, full-3D game play performance with money left to burn.