ATI Delivers the Fastest Gaming Platform with the CrossFire Xpress 3200 Chipset

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

MARKHAM, ON/ Munich, Germany – March 1, 2006 – ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ:ATYT), has changed the rules of the motherboard industry with the introduction of its CrossFire™ Xpress 3200 chipset—delivering the enthusiast gaming platform of the future. Developed from the ground up for multi-GPU gaming, the CrossFire Xpress 3200 chipset enables the world’s fastest gaming performance, advanced overclocking capabilities and bedrock stability available in an AMD-based PC motherboard today.


The first chipset to unleash true, unrestricted dual x16 PCI Express® performance, CrossFire Xpress 3200’s architecture enables exceptionally advanced game play. Whether you’re gaming with two top-of-the-line ATI Radeon® graphics cards such as the Radeon® X1900 XTX or two of ATI’s mainstream graphics cards like the Radeon® X1600, the CrossFire Xpress 3200 chipset is engineered to deliver the ultimate blistering acceleration and maximum ease of use in a multi-GPU gaming platform.

“Building the world’s best enthusiast PC platform requires three things – a chipset that delivers best gaming performance, the highest and most flexible overclocking capabilities, and unparalleled stability,” said Raymond Chen, VP Marketing, ASUS USA. “As a solid ATI partner, ASUS is delivering a CrossFire Xpress 3200 motherboard today—the Asus A8R32-MVP—and ushering in a new feature-rich era of multi-GPU gaming.”

CrossFire Xpress 3200 hardware has been precisely engineered to enable up to 60 percent overclocking of the chipset with stock cooling and at default voltages. With the ultimate in customization and control over every system parameter, gamers can play games the way they want and start setting their sights on breaking new performance records.

“The introduction of ATI’s CrossFire Xpress 3200 chipset—the first single chip with 32 PCI Express lanes—is a defining milestone for the PC platform,” said Reuven Soraya, Director of ATI’s Chipset Business Unit. “Unlocking a universe of performance and overclocking options on the motherboard along with dual-GPU support for ATI’s X1000 series of graphics cards, CrossFire Xpress 3200 is the backbone of the world’s fastest and most versatile gaming platform.”

The advanced architecture, speed and flexibility of CrossFire Xpress 3200 is also supported by ATI’s rigorous quality control and certification procedures to ensure unparalleled stability and ease of use of the CrossFire Platform.

“ATI’s CrossFire Xpress 3200 will make you a believer. This platform is fantastic,” said Rahul Sood, President and CTO, Voodoo PC. “The CrossFire Xpress 3200 chipset has set a new benchmark for the gaming PC by which all other motherboards will be measured.”

“As the UK’s leading manufacturer of performance systems, MESH is always interested in cutting edge technology that can give us the advantage,” said Tony Riccardi, General Manager, MESH Computers. “The CrossFire Xpress 3200 is just such a technology. My R&D team has been very impressed with both the build quality and performance characteristics of ATI’s latest chipset, and – as a result – we are creating a full range of seven SKUs using this technology for competitive review.”

“ATI’s CrossFire Xpress 3200 raises the bar on platform 3D performance and features,” said Robin Daunter, Research and Development Manager, Evesham Technology. “As the first solution to offer true two x16 PCI Express interfaces on any gaming platform, it’s a must for the ultimate gamer. With this in mind, Evesham Technology will be offering a top to bottom Xpress 3200 platform solution in both Crossfire and single graphics card configurations to service the Crossfire upgrade market.”
Motherboards with CrossFire Xpress 3200 will be available starting March 1, 2006 from ATI partners including ABIT, ASUS, DFI, Sapphire and PC Partner with more to follow.