Mandriva pioneers new Linux distribution systems

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Paris, March 14th – Mandriva, the publisher of the popular Mandriva

Linux operating system, presents a new way for individual users and
Mandriva Club members to use Mandriva Linux. Today, Mandriva
introduces Mandriva One, a combined live and install CD based on
Mandriva Linux 2006. In a few weeks, Mandriva will open the first
version of Mandriva Kiosk, a one-click Web-based software installation
service, to Club members.

Mandriva One, a Live and Install Linux CD!
An operating system is generally available as a live CD or a set of
installation CDs, but not both on the same disc. Mandriva One differs
in offering an all-in-one CD based on Mandriva Linux 2006. It’s a
great way for all users to save space and time. This high quality
Linux distribution not only includes live and install functionality
but also a selection of the best free software available with selected
non-free applications and drivers available on a special edition for
Mandriva Club members. Mandriva One is a true distribution which
contains all the key applications from Mandriva Linux 2006, including
all the software you need for office work, Internet access and
multimedia files, including, Kontact, Kpdf, Kopete,
Konqueror, Mozilla Firefox, The Gimp, KuickShow, AmaroK, Kaffeine,
Gnucash and many more.

Perfect for Linux beginners
In order to help people to discover Linux, Mandriva One is designed to
be very easy to use. The installation wizard and the dual-boot setup
wizard help the user to install Linux if he decides to migrate – a
simple icon on the desktop allows him to install the system with a few
clicks. What’s more, files created in live mode are included if he
installs the running system to the hard disk.

Available in many languages
Following the tradition of localization of Mandriva Linux, Mandriva
One is available in dozens of languages. Four CDs are available,
offering a specific choice of languages for the various regions of the
globe (America and Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and
Africa / Asia), totalling more than 70 languages. At first, Mandriva
One will be exclusively available to Mandriva Club members, then after
a short period it will be generally released on Internet where we
encourage it to be shared as widely as possible. Copies of the America
and Western Europe edition, which includes the most widely used
western languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and
German, will be pressed and distributed at shows by Mandriva and our

Mandriva Kiosk, a one-click software installation service!
Mandriva Kiosk is a real revolution in the experience offered to
Mandriva Linux users, allowing subscribers to explore new software for
their systems on a personalized web page based on Mandriva choices and
recommendations and the packages most popular with other users.
Selected applications can be downloaded and installed with just one
click. The software is available in the form of „bundles“ which are
coherent groups of applications. The easiness of downloading and
installing a bundle is one of the major attractions of Kiosk. A first
version of Mandriva Kiosk available to Mandriva Club members only will
provide four bundles (KDE 3.5, GNOME 2.12, Firefox and Thunderbird 1.5
and 2.0.2). Mandriva Kiosk will join the other
advantages offered to Mandriva Club members, and will also be
accessible by annual subscription to non-Club members. The ideal
companion for Mandriva One, Mandriva Kiosk fits into the range of
online services offered by Mandriva covering the needs of novice and
advanced users for simplicity, security, updates, training and