XFX GeForce 7600 GS series – The Joe DiMaggio of Graphics is Hitting a Homerun

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Wanting to perfect that heroic hit with the best bat there is, you focus on the pitcher. He has been trying the remove you from the plate with his nasty throw causing blurry effects. The frame rates just did not cut it, but have just been increased by your latest graphics hardware and the picture has sharpened drastically. As a future professional e-sports athlete you cannot afford one single glitch as you need to focus on that approaching ball. You will need to trust on the best equipment to make sure you perform to the best of your abilities. And even more then that. So, you need to rely on the latest new card by XFX, the new GeForce 7600 GS. As you know by now, XFX does not just release a new product, but they launch a new series, giving you the ability to increase your performance AND not having to live on bones and water. The new range exists not only on the standard model, but also shows the improved model with some natural steroids, listening to the name eXTreme. The clocks have been increased from 400 [core] / 800 [memory] and makes your screen showing everything perfectly.


The ball is rushing towards you… no noise thanks to the Ultra Silent cooling solution, concentration is 100%… There is the HIT! And with an awesome swing, the baseball is flying towards the public. It hits the lights high above the outer field and with a big bang you score the winning homerun!

Looking at the slow motion, the HD picture shows every sparkle without a glitch and you enjoy your victory on both TFT screens. It makes you feel like you are ‘Joltin Joe’ and you are the unbeaten champion. But beware… the gaming virus is out there affecting more and more people. And they have access to the same equipment, so you’d better make sure you are in best shape, ready to battle any opponent. This is why we have created the best e-sports training program for you. Follow this link, start training and stay ahead of your competition!

In case you do not have enough time to complete and maintain your training, you need to be aware of the most seen threats caused by the gaming virus:

Class D1 | Immediate Side Effects like Excitement and Amazement;
Class E | Addicting gaming virus;
Class F | Dangerously Reactive Material;
Class R | Materials causing Extended Game-play;

As usual the hardware does not come alone;
On the software side we start with the unique AI driver [checking the configurations and selecting the best driver based on those criteria] making the installation of this board become childishly easy. From our friends at Tenomichi, the video editing suite “3D EDIT” [worth 64 €] has been included. It enables the “home video-editor” to take full control over his digital videos using the full power of the GPU, utilizing real-time rendering [yes… real-time!] on a ‘normal’ desktop PC. And all this comes inside a smashing XFX skin.

The hardware bundle makes sure the best performance comes out of those ports. An s-video cable comes together with two DVI>VGA converters for those dudes who stay with the CRT screens.

All in all an absolute TOP….., no an eXTreme product which will be exposed in its unique XFX packaging as from NOW. No paper releases… It is available in stores now! The standard [reference] will be available from 149 euros incl VAT in e-tail. Pls check local stores for the XT edition.

Life is great isn’t it?

GeForce 7600 GS

Unique Specs:
Core: 400 MHz
Memory: 800 MHz 256 bit

GeForce 7600 GS eXTreme Edition

Unique Specs:
Core: 500 MHz
Memory: 900 MHz / 256 bit

Generic specs:

  • Interface: 128 bit
  • Pipelines: 12
  • Features:
    • Shader Model 3 support [inc. Vertex Texture fetch]
    • HDR [High Dynamic Range]
    • SLi ready [Yes]
  • Cooling: Ultra Silent
  • Accessories:
    • 3D Edit Video Editing Suite [Styled in XFX skin, utilizing the full power of the GPU and able to make use of real-time rendering options]
    • S-video cable [HDTV ready]
    • AI driver [Driver system checks system and board configuration. Automatic installation of the right driver based on that info. This is a ‚geek‘-proof system and user needs no actual technical PC-knowledge.]
    • DVI 2 VGA converter [XFX branded dongle]
    • Manual [English]
    • Quick Installation Guide [15 language]