Introducing the Lunar

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

City of Industry, CA – Spire is proud to release the newest in 1-U cooling, the SP517-1U Lunar micro-processor cooler for the 775 socket type.


Lunar – SP517-1UAfter a series of great success among server builders, Spire has delivered with its newest of higher performance 1U solution. Introducing our newest product line of 1U coolers, SP517-1U Codename: Lunar.

The major difference between our new Lunar and other 1U coolers is the vertical 70mm blower sitting on top of the heat sink. That’s not all, equipped with Spire’s award winning heat sink, tri-s design aluminum cover, and ultra-tension springs; the Spire Lunar is guaranteed to optimize best heat distribution and air flow.

Design to work with more advance processors, the SP517-1U is sure to make an impact among server builders

Main Features:

  • Pure copper heat-sink
  • Low profile – 1U
  • 70x15mm Blower-Fan
  • 33.8 CFM at 4,200 RPM +/-10%

The SP517-1U is available now from Spire.