Gainward introduces new product range based on NVIDIA GeForce 8600GTS

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Malmoe, Sweden – Gainward, a world leading producer of High – Quality, High – End 3D accelerators

for the Personal Computer market, proudly announces today the release of its new BLISS 8600GTS
products which are part of the complete line of reality redefining NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series.

Asskicking performance has a name – BLISS 8600GTS Golden Sample by Gainward

With a graphics realism and performance that blows you out of your gaming chair. BLISS 8600GTS
Golden Sample may increase your gaming addiction. Therefore we are forced to issue a WARNING
due to fact that Gainwards Extreme Gaming Performance May Be Addictive. Don’t worry we will
make sure it is. Get a BLISS 8600GTS Golden Sample, make your buddies go green with envy and
watch them rush to the nearest Gainward reseller to get one as well.

Each of the two BLISS 8600GTS models from Gainward offer unparalleled graphics realism and
performance, unsurpassed Blu-ray and HD DVD movie picture quality with PureVideo. HD
Technology and full support for Windows Vista and DirectX10.

Both our BLISS 8600GTS – products feature carefully hand selected high performing GeForce
8600GTS GPU from NVIDIA. Though carefully selected, not all GPUs are able meet Gainwards
requirements. Before mounting a GPU on a Golden Sample product, we perform rigorous testing to
ensure that the GPU is capable to perform to our requirements amongst which are 725MHz core
clock out of the box.

1,0ns DD3 high performance modules from Samsung allow an additional 10% extra performance
increase, enabling us to run the BLISS 8600GTS Golden Sample at 1,1GHz instead of 1GHz (reference
board). Not only does the 1,0ns modules offer higher performance but it also ensures a more stable
and safe environment for the over clocking enthusiasts. Notice that we use same memory modules
for the non Golden Sample version of BLISS 8600GTS as on the Golden Sample version.

The two – slot bracket cooling solution used on the BLISS 8600GTS models offer a higher air flow
compared to a one – slot bracket solution and is therefore allowing a healthier environment for
higher performance. Dust and Static electricity reduces the lifetime reduces the lifetime of a
graphics card; the fan cover is used as an Anti-Dust and Anti-Static protector prolonging the
lifetime of the card. The 80mm fan (70mm for non Golden Sample version) spinning at 2400rpm is
cooling both the GPU and the memories with a noise level at 33,5dB compared to 35,2dB from the
4800rpm used on the NV 8600GTS reference boards; which is almost half the audible level in

All the capacitors for Input/output of core and memory power are OS – Con capacitors from
Japanese manufacturers.

DVI-I plus HDTV features enables to drive the largest and highest resolution flat-panels up to
3840×2400 @30Hz with crisp clear image quality.

Performance Table:

The BLISS 8600GTS models are available on official launch date 2007-04-17 through Gainwards
worldwide distribution and retail/etail network.