XaserVI Mx – The Legend Continues in Middle Tower Form

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

April,2008 – With the continuous recommendation around the world, Thermaltake XaserVI has once again written down another successful story among PC enthusiasts. To fulfill middle tower demands, Thermaltake has released XaserVI’s twin brother, XaserVI Mx.


XaserVI Mx is the minification of XaserVI, Smaller sized but still with great features. Although with minimized size; it’s still extremely user-friendly. With the same DNA from XaserVI. XaserXI MX also has the streamline looks and sleek feel!

While users enjoying the external beauty of XaserXI Mx, they will be equally impressed by the inner structure‚ a stunning blend of innovation and tradition. A great case needs great ventilation – it is the concept idea of all high performance cases. XaserXI has got the complete body metal grilled with well organized fan cooling system managing CPU, VGA and HDD thermal independently, achieving optimized system airflow.

Granted from user’s experiences, Thermaltake developed the tool-free and cable management function into this middle tower. Those features are often seen in many high-end chassis and provide convenient installation of motherboard and cables. With the tool-less 5.25”, 3.5” devices and PCI slot installation, users can further minimize their installation time.

XaserVI Mx is a state-of-art combining with many impressive new features. For those who seek to build a medium sized system with high thermal performance chassis, XaserVI Mx is undoubtedly your best choice!