Gainward Partnered with LoiLo, Inc.

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, April 12th, 2010 – Gainward Partnered with LoiLo, Inc., bundled Super LoiLoScope, the world’s first GPU accelerated

High Definition video editing software to its NVIDIA GeForce series graphics cards.

Few days ago, Gainward announced the world most powerful
ever graphics cards based on Fermi-Architecture – GeForce
GTX 480 & GTX 470. The surprise does not end there, today
Gainward partnered with LoiLo, Inc. bundled the world’s first
GPU accelerated HD video editing software – Super LoiLoScope,
enables Gainward valued customers to fully utilize
unprecedented parallel computing power of their graphics cards not only for stunning 3D game-play, but to
open up a new era of multimedia applications in enriching life with vivid videos sharing with family, friends
and the whole world!

This is just the first step of Gainward & LoiLo co-branding milestone. In the near future, all CUDA enabled
products of Gainward will gear up with innovative and powerful software developed by LoiLo. It is very
exciting to see Gainward graphics cards not only used for gaming, further embedded more diverse functions
in broadening user’s experiences in every memorable moments.

What is Super LoiLoScope?
Super LoiLoScope is the world’s first and only movie editing software to
fully utilize the GPU to playback, edit, and encode videos. LoiLo’s GPU
dual decode support introduces stress free video editing for AVCHD,
MP4, MOV, etc., and with NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology, encode is 10
times faster compared to the CPU itself. With GPU accelerated video playback/editing and output, LoiLo
brings powerful and stress free video editing. The interface of Super LoiloScope is simple and easy. Users
can organize or combine multiple videos or add special effects while editing videos. By saving to various
formats can be viewed on-the-go with your potable devices, such as iPod, iPhone and etc. These
customized videos can be shared on YouTube as easy as just one click. No technical knowledge is required,
and is great for everyone.

Special offer, slash 25% off for Gainward customers
Now you can have Super LoiLoScope for a 30 days free trial. Experience Stress
free environment with full HD GPU dual decode with Gainward NVIDIA GeForce
CUDA enabled products. Just experience it and have fun. LoiLo generously slash
25% off its MSRP particularly for Gainward valued customers. Simply register
coupon code online to purchase and unleash full power of Super LoiLoScope full
version. Welcome to become a video creator with Super LoiLoScope accelerated by
Gainward powerful graphics cards! Super Fast, Super Simple, Super LoiLoScope!