Aegir SD128264 – Double Layer H.D.T. Cooling System

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Aegir, high-end tower cooler is based on the newly developed D.L.H.D.T. (Double Layer with Heat-pipe Direct Touch) structure. With its 2*Φ8mm and 2*Φ6mm Heat-pipes on the H.D.T. Base and the 2*Φ6mm Heat-pipes on the 2nd layer, it is launched as a “World Exclusive Technology Cooler” but also outstanding and great performance. It is compatibility with Intel Corei3/i5/i7(LGA 1156), Core i7(LGA 1366), LGA 775 & AMD AM2/AM3. This provides a higher intake volume, and giving you coolers with optimum airflow, featuring unique dual fan cooling design.



  • H.D.T. (Heat-pipe direct touch)

  • Support for LGA775/1156/1366;

  • Dual fan installed option and
    Anti-vibration rubbers attached.

  • Double layer HDT & Double performance.
  • 2pcs 8mm & 4pcs 6mm high performance

  • PWM fan to adjust the power of the fan efficiently.
  • Anti-vibration rubbers prevent vibration
    and absorb noise.

  • Mounting system, Spring-Screw and
    consolidate back plate.

  • Friendly installation.