The one and only mythical beast appears

Lantic Radeon HD5750 1GB GDDR5 UNC limited edition hits the market silently

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

One after another, powerful new products have been released for Lantic’s popular Juniper core ATI HD 5700 series.

Everybody knows that ATI’s HD 5770 and HD 5750 are brother products and since HD 5770 has outstanding performance, the HD 5750’s performance should still be able to be improved upon. The main difference between the two is that the HD 5770 specification is 800 stream processors and the core/memory clock is 850/4800MHz, whereas the HD 5750’s specification is 720 stream processors and the core/memory clock is 700/4600MHz.

Lantic released their own version of the HD5750 1GB GDDR5 UNC limited edition, which breaks through the reference designs, and used more solid materials to make the HD 5750 1GB GDDR5 core/memory frequency speed up easily, reaching the same frequency as the HD 5770 and making the performance of Lantic’s UNC almost the same as the performance of the HD 5770 1GB GDDR5.

Lantic’s UNC is equipped with an exclusive silent fan that has huge 8cm fan blades with two copper heat pipes, allowing the UNC to run at high speed in a “cool” and “quiet” way. The only regret is that not every 5750 chip is special and can become a UNC. The UNC can only hit the market quietly as a limited edition.