Crazy A2 Lottery for Facebook Fans Only

Be the Lucky One to Take A75 Home for Free.

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan, July 22th, 2011 – Summer is hot! ECS is hot! ECS now has two new activities to give free A75 motherboards and APPs away. Double prize, double chance for you. Keep following the news of ECS for grabbing chance to be lucky one to enjoy this summer!


Royalty Award!
Starting from 22th July, 2011, ECS welcomes all fans come back to ECS Facebook page to attend the newest lottery activity. Do not miss out the chance to win ECS magic power motherboards— A75F-A and A75F-M which are known for outstanding graphics performance and APU supporting. Everyone has the chance to win the great prize by joining us on Facebook. All you have to do are to become a fan of ECS Facebook page and answer 3 questions of A75 series motherboards on ECS Facebook wall. ECS will draw the lucky fans to take the outstanding motherboard home for free.

Grand Opening of ECS Twitter
From now on, all ECS fans just follow us on ECS Twitter and tweet us, and the lucky winner could be you! To thank all for being supportive, Any new fans who join ECS Facebook page or follow ECS Twitter will have the chance to win popular APPs.

Be the fans of ECS Facebook page and ECS Twitter, get the first-hand ECS news and films of latest products, cutting-edge technology, applications and activities. Most importantly, Fans of ECS Facebook and Twitter always have the chance to attend events taken place by ECS. There are many benefits you won’t want to miss.

ECS A75 Unveils the new page of High Speed Transmission Era
ECS Black Deluxe A75F-A, A75F-M and A75F-M2 all support the latest AMD A series APU with AMD A75 chipset and AMD FM-1 socket. With native USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0Gb/s powered by AMD A75 chipset, ECS A75 series represents the official arrival of new age of high transmission speed, and that USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0Gb/s have also officially become the basic equipment for every computer.

[Crazy A2 Lottery for Fans Only]

Period: July 22th, 2011 ~ Aug 31th, 2011
Award Announcement: Sep 15th, 2011

  1. one of A75F-A/A75F-M
  2. 20 APPs of popular games

Detail: Please visit ECS Official Facebook Page/Twitter

  1. Answer 3 questions of ECS A75 motherboard, you will have chance to win A75F-A or A75F-M. (Hint: All answers were posted on ECS Facebook Wall.)
    Q1. Which motherboard of ECS A75 Series can pass 50 degree critical test and memory overclok to 2400(OC)?
    Q2.Which motherboard of ECS A75 Series is your favorite?
    Q3.Which technology can raise the performance to 109% in ECS A75 Series motherboards?

  2. All fans join ECS Facebook and Twitter, you will have the chance to win popular APPs.

Policy & Requirement:

  1. Participants who attend this event agree that ECS has the authority to announce and use names of winners on ECS Facebook page or ECS website based on the purpose of this activity.
  2. ECS has right to save, use, or edit the content of comment.
  3. Personal insults or harsh wordings are strictly prohibited.
  4. ECS has the right to change the prize as the same value and change the gaming rules or stop.
  5. ECS has right to re-modify gaming rules, the content, methods, time period or prize of this event. The modification on these gaming rules will be announced on ECS Facebook page only. Announcement will not be alerted to each participant. Any other terms and conditions related to gaming rules are up to ECS’ decision.
  6. The prizes are not for exchange or redeemable for cash, and winners are obligated for the payable tax on the prizes they win.

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