Vernee Apollo X could be powered by OXI desktop experience system!

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

OXI was developed for Android to provide a new desktop-like experience, using a smartphone or a tablet.

OXI lets you use your smartphone or tablet like a regular mobile device, with all apps running in full-screen. Additionally, you can enable a multi-window mode that makes Android look and feel more like a desktop OS.
Besides, you can cast the multi-window environment to an external display while staying in full-screen mode on your mobile device.
This lets you keep using your phone as a phone… while also using your phone to power a desktop-like experience on a second screen. It is like Microsoft’s Continuum for phone… except for Android

In fact, apart from Microsoft, Samsung and Moto are also in the midst of developing their own office software for their smartphones.
With increasingly powerful hardware on smartphones which can compete with PCs now, dealing with work on your phone will become a trend soon.
Besides above renowned brands, we surprisingly notice that a just one-year-old smartphone brand, Vernee, also puts efforts into this new possibility.
It is reported that Vernee has formed deep cooperation with auxens, OXI developers, and they are planning to integrate the OXI app into Vernee’s high-end models.

Because it requires high performances for smartphones to deliver the best PC-like working experience, a strong hardware configuration is a requirement.
Vernee’s upcoming model, Apollo X, is said to become the first to embed OXI. The software adaptation work is now on Vernee’s schedule.