GIGABYTE Servers with Arm Processors are the New Centerpiece of Modern Data Centers

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Arm processors are widely used in everyday life — you can find them in sensors, wearable devices, and mobile devices such as smartphones. Arm processors also have a crucial role to play in today’s server solutions. The Japanese supercomputer Fugaku, which officially began operating in 2021, is an Arm architecture-based supercomputer. With an astounding 7,299,072 cores, Fugaku has been ranked the fastest supercomputer in the world twice by the TOP500 list (latest rankings published in Nov. 2020).


The Arm architecture is noted for its performance, stability, and energy efficiency. What’s more, Arm servers work more efficiently with other Arm-based devices, since instructions don’t need to be translated into x86 instructions.

Not only has GIGABYTE developed Arm server solutions for many years, it has also maintained close cooperation with Ampere®. In June 2020, GIGABYTE debuted Arm64 solutions that support Ampere® Altra® processors. GIGABYTE has recently launched a complete line of server products powered by Ampere® Altra® processors, so customers can enjoy a wider choice of Arm servers and server motherboards.

The newly launched Arm-based solutions include the server motherboard MP32-AR1, which comes in the standard E-ATX form factor, and the R-Series Rack Servers R152-P30 and R272-P30, which come in the 1U and 2U form factor, respectively. Other servers in the product line include the E-Series Edge Server E252-P30, which is ideal for edge computing, and the G-Series GPU Server G242-P31, which can support up to four NVIDIA® A100 Tensor Core GPUs and is the first Arm-based GPU server certified by NVIDIA®.