Samsung and Huawei Android Market Shares Drop Year-over-Year; Oppo and Vivo Gain Ground

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The world`s most popular mobile operating system, Android, has over 2.8 billion active users, and most prefer Samsung devices. Although the South Korean smartphone manufacturer remains an absolute leader in the market, both in terms of revenue and users, there have been changes in the market shares of top Android players.


Samsung, and Huawei have seen their market shares drop year-over-year, while two Chinese smartphone manufacturers, Oppo and Vivo, have gained ground.

Oppo and Vivo Now Hold 22.6% of the Android Market

Samsung has held the lead in market share from the early days of Android and has continued to perform well ever since. The South Korean smartphone producer overrun HTC, LG, and others in the mid-2010s and is today responsible for over 50% of global Android device sales. Still, its market share dropped in the last year.

According to AppBrain data, Samsung had a 34.6% market share in February, down from 35.4% in the same month a year ago. The world`s second-largest Android phone producer, Xiaomi, has seen its market share rise in this period, going from 14.3% to 14.6%. Statistics show Huawei now holds 6.4% of the Android market, down from 6.9% a year ago.

On the other hand, two Chinese smartphone producers, Oppo and Vivo, have gained ground among the competitors. The AppBrain data show Oppo hit a 10.5% market share this month, up from 9.9% in February last year. Vivo smartphones saw even more significant growth. Last year, Vivo held 9.3% of the Android market. Over the past twelve months, its market share jumped to 10.1%. Together, the two Chinese smartphone producers now hold 22.6% of the Android market.

Samsung Galaxy Still the Top Android Phone with a 7.4% Market Share in February

Although Oppo and Vivo are winners in the budget segment, Samsung is an absolute winner in high-end features and flagship devices. The AppBrain data show Samsung Galaxy remains the most popular Android phone globally, with a 7.4% market share in February.

Analyzed by models, Samsung Galaxy A12 is the most popular Samsung smartphone among Android users, with a 2.1% market share this month. Samsung Galaxy A21s ranked as the second most-popular Samsung device with a 1% market share in February, the same as the third-ranked Samsung Galaxy A10s. Samsung Galaxy A32 and Redmi 9A follow with a 0.9% share each.