Maxtor Atlas Drives Exceed StorCase Durability Standards

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

MILPITAS, Calif., July 30 – Maxtor Corporation (NYSE: MXO), a worldwide leader in hard disk drives, today

announced its Maxtor(R) Atlas(R) 15K SCSI drives are qualified for use with
the Data Express(R) DE100 from StorCase Technology, a world leader in the
provision of safe-environment hard drive storage solutions. The Data Express
is a removable drive enclosure that houses the Atlas 15K drive so that it can
be moved and inserted into different storage systems.

To maintain its reputation for rugged and reliable products, StorCase
performed extensive testing on the Atlas 15K drive to ensure the drive met
company standards. One important feature that contributed to the Atlas 15K
drive qualifying with the StorCase Data Express is MaxAdapt(TM). Maxtor’s
unique implementation of MaxAdapt technology allows the drive to adapt to
changing system conditions and components, which translates into lower error
rates, easier integration and increased bus efficiency for optimal system

„Because we strive to manufacture high-quality products, we place a high
priority on our research and development efforts and seek the highest-quality,
most reliable components,“ said Chris Wong, product marketing manager for
StorCase. „Maxtor’s Atlas 15K worked right out of the box with no extra
fine-tuning needed. We were also impressed with the drive’s performance.“

„The qualification of Maxtor’s Atlas 15K SCSI drives by a company such as
StorCase is a testament to the durability and performance built into Maxtor’s
SCSI drives,“ said Joe DeRosa, senior director of marketing for Maxtor’s
Server Products Group. „The Atlas 15K drive is a perfect match for the Data
Express, which has been used in rugged applications. Atlas drives are
constructed for durability and undergo extensive shock, vibration and other
environmental tests to ensure optimum performance under the toughest

StorCase Data Express
Data Express is a family of removable drive carriers and receiving frames
compatible with SCSI, IDE or Serial ATA system interfaces. The Data Express
houses a drive within its removable carrier, which is then inserted into a
Data Express receiving frame for mounting into an available peripheral bay.
The Data Express allows drives to be swapped and/or transported between
systems, supporting up to 15 SCSI drives per server. Data Express features
steel construction, front-accessible key locks, drive activity indicators,
highest-rated frame to carrier mating connectors, superior design for airflow
and current regulation, and a seven-year limited warranty.

Maxtor Atlas 15K
The Atlas 15K drive delivers an average seek time as fast as 3.2 msec with
a host sustained data rate of 75 MB/sec. It provides the performance required
for I/O intensive enterprise applications such as online transaction
processing, data mining, data warehousing, database servers, video servers,
scientific applications, imaging, enterprise resource planning and customer
relationship management. The Ultra320 SCSI Atlas drive features capacities of
18 GB, 36 GB and 73 GB, acoustics as low as 3.2 bels, and an 8 MB cache on a
3.5-inch, low profile form factor. It comes with a five-year warranty and is
S.M.A.R.T. compliant.

Maxtor Atlas hard drives are the only drives in the industry that feature
MaxAdapt, an onboard self-adjusting feature that improves data signal quality.
With MaxAdapt capabilities, the drive compensates for changes in system
configurations, such as users adding more drives. The MaxAdapt feature adjusts
to the new system conditions to maintain the system’s signal integrity,
delivering the optimized electrical performance.