Albatron launches faster, more powerful GeForce FX5600U VGA card!

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Albatron FX5600

Albatron Technology Co. LTD., a manufacturer and global distributor of high technology PC components recently announced the new GeForce FX5600U graphics card. This coincides with nVIDIA’s most recent promotional campaigns touting the high performance GPU that is used on this board, the GeForce FX 5600 Ultra. This card boasts significant performance enhancements in both GPU clock speed (400 MHz) and DDR RAM speed (800 MHz). With AGP 8X thrown into the mix, this card has been shown to produce extraordinary visual effects along with uninterrupted free flow digital cinematics for use with today’s graphics intensive 3D applications.

Expect nothing less than GeForce superior quality and ultra performance with Albatron’s latest VGA card. With the FX5600U, Albatron has turned up the heat in all the right places (400 MHz GPU core, 800 MHz DDR, AGP 8X) which means a faster, more powerful engine that is capable of taming even the most demanding applications on the market today. To deal with the extreme conditions from high performance VGA cards, Albatron has employed large pure copper fans and high quality heat sinks to keep components cool. This allows users to go full throttle with the overclocking, maximizing performance while maintaining reliable stability.

nVIDIA’s FX 5600 Ultra GPU features enhanced CineFX and Intellisample technology that continue to turn out new features and improvements used to produce the highest quality graphics with uncanny 3D rendering, shadow manipulation and pixel perfect resolution. OpenGL 1.4 and DirectX 9.0 are also supported by the GPU to insure optimum compatibility with present and future applications. nVIDIA also delivers the latest nView technology allowing you to spread your Windows desktop over two independent monitors. Separate RAMDAC channels that operate at up to 400 MHz data transfer rates ensure that both monitors can sufficiently display images without skipping a single beat. Resolutions up to 2048 x 1536 x 32 bpp (@85 Hz) are supported.

This card comes equipped with a versatile lineup of interface ports including D-Sub, DVI and TV-Out. Bundled software includes WinDVD Creator, „Duke NuKem: Manhattan Project“ (retail version) and a 5 in 1 game pack CD-ROM. The Albatron GeForce FX5600U VGA was built for speed and reliability and promises nothing less than „Ultra“ performance and superior quality for the gamer and casual user alike.