Albatron steers clear of „capacitor leakage“ problem with Japanese capacitors

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Albatron Technology Co., LTD. a leading manufacturer and global distributor of high technology components has managed to avoid the spate of mainboard capacitor problems in recent years by staying with high-quality Japanese made capacitors. Inferior capacitors leaking electrolytic fluid have plagued the mainboard industry causing short circuits and „dead“ mainboards.

Even some of the most well known mainboard manufacturers have fallen to capacitor leakage problems which has caused a stir amongst media circles and industry experts in recent times. Intense competition has resulted in drastic cost-cutting measures, occasionally compromising quality and leading to these types of problems. Albatron has so far avoided this downward spiraling trend by maintaining its stance on strict quality standards for all mainboard components.

Albatron mainboards use Japanese-made for all capacitors rated above 1000uF. Companies such as SANYO and Panasonic have consistently provided mainboard manufacturers with reliable, stable LOW ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) capacitors. These types of capacitors require carefully engineered materials and construction techniques to ensure reliable, defect-free operation. Capacitors effectively smooth out the ripples of electrical voltage, providing stable power for the processor as well as suppressing any aberrations from the power supply.

Albatron’s strict regimen of quality control ensures that all aspects of product development are meticulously screened which includes the evaluation and selection process for 3rd party vendor components. These procedures ensure that the effects from problems such as the recent capacitor issues are minimized and consumer satisfaction is optimized.