ATI works with Intel and Pinnacle Systems to use PCI Express Technology to make High-Definition video editing possible on a PC

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

IDF, SAN FRANCISCO, CA/ Munich, Germany – February 17, 2004 – ATI Technologies Inc., (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT) together with Intel Corporation and Pinnacle Systems, today demonstrated High Definition (HD) video editing on the PC at the Intel Developer’s Forum in San Francisco. Enabled by the accelerated high bandwidth, symmetrical data transfer capability made possible by PCI Express, the demonstration used the ATI PCI Express visual processing unit (VPU) with the PCI Express interconnect incorporated directly into the graphics chip. As this joint collaboration demonstrated, PCI Express breaks down current bandwidth barriers and will dramatically change the video, gaming and graphics experience.


ATI’s PCI Express VPU, in conjunction with the advanced real time HD engine being developed by Pinnacle, takes advantage of the enhanced data transfer capabilities offered by PCI Express. Before PCI Express, only professional users with access to very expensive machines could modify high-quality video content in real time. The IDF demonstration shows how useful PCI Express is for bringing HD video editing to the consumer- and prosumer-level. Pinnacle pioneered this capability with products like Liquid Edition, which leverages the CPU and graphics processor to deliver advanced professional video editing and effects. If HD video content was manipulated with AGP, the video data transfer rate and quality would be significantly less than that demonstrated today on PCI Express.

„Pinnacle is known for pioneering the use of desktop technology to deliver solutions for the most demanding professional video applications,“ said Jim Guerard, Vice-President and General Manager, Advanced Editing Business Unit, Pinnacle Systems. „The advent of the PCI Express standard will enable Pinnacle to use off-the-shelf technologies to extend the real time HD and SD editing and effects of professional systems to increasingly sophisticated consumer and prosumer editors. Pinnacle is very pleased to join industry leaders ATI and Intel in demonstrating the value of PCI Express acceleration for advanced editing systems.“

OEMs are expected to transition many of their systems to the PCI Express standard immediately, increasing the importance of delivering a stable, effective family of PCI Express graphics cards. ATI has sampled its PCI Express solution to OEMs and system development partners. As motherboard and chipset vendors make their PCI Express solutions available, ATI will deliver a full family of PCI Express products.

„ATI demonstrated the industry’s first visual processor with support for the new PCI Express bus at last year’s Fall IDF, choosing a native solution over a bridge solution to enable the next wave of applications, which will need true PCI Express graphics to realize their full potential,“ said Rick Bergman, Senior Vice President of Marketing and General Manager, Desktop, ATI Technologies Inc. „We have already sampled our PCI Express solutions to the leading OEM and system integrators around the world and are eagerly anticipating the rapid deployment of PCI Express.“

„ATI is one of the key players in the PCI Express technology revolution,“ said Kevin Corbett, vice president and chief technology officer, desktop platforms group, Intel Corporation. „Intel is pleased to be working with companies such as ATI and Pinnacle Systems to help deliver revolutionary real-world benefits in PC technology, such as high-definition video editing with PCI Express.“

ATI has been active in the development of PCI Express standards since its inception, first sitting on the original steering committee and continuing to influence and support the PCI Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG).