New: Gainward PowerPack! Extreme/2600 „Golden Sample“

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei – Beijing – Hong Kong – Fremont – Munich – London – Malmö – Moscow – June 8th, 2004 -Gainward Co., Ltd., the leading manufacturer of high performance 3D graphics and home entertainment accelerators, announces that with its award-winning Gainward CoolFX PowerPack! Ultra/2600 „Golden Sample“ Gainward will be first to market with a GeForce 6800 Ultra product priced at € 899. First samples shipped to selected journalists on June 8, first retail products will start shipping to the channel on June 10.


In addition, Gainward is also proud to announce the Gainward PowerPack! Extreme/ 2600 „Golden Sample“ featuring a hand selected „one out of thousand“ GeForce 6800 Ultra chip running at 450 MHz plus carefully qualified 1.6ns DDR3 memory clocked at 1200 MHz. Gainward’s High-Performance/Wide-Bandwidth hardware design in combination with NVIDIA’s latest driver enhancements is aiming at 20% better real-world performance than previously experienced and with upcoming en-hancements with later driver releases.

„When GeForce 6800 Ultra and X800 XT were launched, the completely new chip architecture already scored neck and neck with a proven design running „out of breath“,“ commented Hans-Wolfram Tismer, Managing director of Gainward’s European operations. „Only 4 weeks later, 6800 Ultra is already winning 75% of the tests, and once the SM3 (Shader Model 3) enabled patches for various games will become available this 6800 Ultra GPU will finally unleash its native power.“

The Gainward PowerPack! Extreme/2600 „Golden Sample“ features the industry’s only „large dual-fan/pure-copper cooler“, Gainward’s so called „HighPerformance CopperCooler“, introduced at COMPUTEX trade show in Taipei, resulting in a significantly lower operating temperature in connection with tremendous head-room for faster clock settings. In addition, and in order to avoid unnecessary noise levels, the fan-speed will be heat controlled from almost unnoticeable < 25 db up to powerful 4.500 RPM for industry leading over clocking headroom.

With nViewä Display Technology the Gainward PowerPack! Extreme/2600 „Golden Sample“ also supports two monitors simultaneously with two independ-ent 400 MHz RAMDACs for office applications, 3D gaming and professional appli-cations such as CAD, DTP, animation, or video editing. The maximum supported resolution for both displays is 2048 x 1536 @ 85Hz. Depending on the resolution the maximum refresh rate is up to 240 Hz. The integrated NTSC/PAL TV encoder supports resolutions up to 1024×768 without the need for panning with built-in Macrovision copy protection.

EXPERTool is Gainward’s performance tuning utility that allows the user to easily adjust the engine clock and the memory clock of any Gainward product from NVIDIA’s recommended default settings to even faster settings. Thanks to Gainward’s proprietary, rock solid, multi-layer High-Performance/Wide-Bandwidth hardware design, Gainward offers the end user the choice to run Gainward’s „Golden Sample“ products at „Enhanced Performance Settings“ (both, faster engine clock AND faster memory clock) which guarantee significantly improved „3D real-world performance“ for even higher resolutions at 32 bit color depth.

Robust and Complete Software Support
Gainward products support all major OS and software standards with robust, perform-ance enhanced, accelerated software drivers including Microsoft Windows 2000/ ME/XP, Linux, Open GL 1.5, and DirectX 9 to deliver the best performance while assuring the best possible compatibility with current and future applications and games. Gainward’s products are also backed by a free driver update support through the internet, telephone/fax/e-mail technical support and a 36 months limited warranty.