Info-Tek Unveils Mobile DVB-T Tuner Solution – GECUBE Digital TV Walker

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan, November 08, 2005 – Info-Tek Corporation, the major supplier of the world’s leading graphics card brand GECUBE™, has announced the new release of a complete DVB-T tuner USB solution – the GECUBE™ Digital TV Walker. A mobile multimedia device that allows users to watch and record TV on the go, the TV Walker supports high-definition digital TV and radio broadcasts.


The GECUBE™ Digital TV Walker is a lightweight multimedia solution perfect for executives or those constantly traveling on the road. By simply plugging the GECUBE™ Digital TV Walker into notebook’s USB interface, users can watch local digital TV or listen to radio broadcasts conveniently anywhere and anytime.

Software Features

  • Captures vivid or amazing video, turning them into multi-functional formats such as presentation slides, reports, website images, or email attachments
  • Pause, rewind, or fast forward live video content with Time-Shifting functionality
  • Schedule TV programs recording
  • Perform one-touch recording from EPG with one-click

“Info-tek Corporation offers a great selection of multimedia product such as graphic cards, PMP (portable media player), and DVB-T box solutions,” said Larry Yeo, General Manager of Info-Tek’s Multimedia Business Unit. “The Digital TV Walker is an exemplary multimedia solution that is portable, light, and easy-to-use. We are dedicated in bringing such great multimedia products and expanding our product lines to offer consumers more choice in the burgeoning multimedia market.“


Product Features

  • Watch and record DVB-T (digital video broadcast – terrestrial) TV content on your PC
  • Support for SDTV
  • Listen to digital terrestrial radio on your PC
  • Watch DVB-T TV anywhere with the optional portable antenna
  • Powered by USB port without need for external power adapter
  • Audio through USB port without need for an audio loopback cable
  • Control PC with optional remote control

Additional PVR Functions

  • Record digital TV in high quality to MPEG-2
  • Take still image snapshots
  • Supports EPG and Teletext