GECUBE X1600 Gemini Series Market Debuts

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, 7th March 2006 – GECUBE, the major supplier of the world’s leading graphics card brand, today announced the latest GECUBE X1600 Gemini Series High Range graphics card. The GECUBE X1600 Gemini Series inbuilt dual VPU is currently the world’s leading ATI Radeon series with a dual VPU design on a single graphics card. This fully demonstrates GECUBE’s unique creativity and leadership in innovation and design.


Advanced Design Built Into the GECUBE X1600 Gemini Series:

The World’s Leading Single Card equipped with CrossFire Capability:
GECUBE X1600 Gemini inbuilt dual VPU. Consumers may activate the CrossFire function via the software and is able to support simultaneous digital video transmission via dual ports, providing a convenient and user-friendly environment.

Supports the Simultaneous Display of 4-port Digital Video Output
The GECUBE X1600 Gemini Series is able to support 4-port digital video output. It uses 4 screens simultaneously for display and is able to deliver a true-to-life theatre-like experience, which will leave Video Gamers gasping for more.

Single Slot Design is Compatible with All PCI Express Motherboards
GECUBE X1600 Gemini Series Single Slot design is compatible with all PCI Express Motherboards. This offers consumers a breakthrough solution with advanced features at affordable prices.

Brilliant Colors & High Image Quality
Through its advance ultra-threaded core technology, GECUBE X1600 Gemini Series supports all DirectX and OpenGL games and allows 3D gaming to operate efficiently at a higher speed with an improved image quality. This allows gamers to be fully immersed into the gaming environment.