GeCube Sets World First — TEC Cooling Chip for FZ Cool Graphics Card

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Oct. 17 2006 – The world-renowned graphics card brand GeCube announced the

arrival of the FZ Cool overclocked ATI RADEON 1950PRO graphics card with thermoelectric
cooling. With the heat dissipation significantly boosted to offer superb overclockability, this
limited edition card is now being released world-wide.

GeCube’s FZ Cool graphics card takes cooling solutions for X1950PRO overclocking to the
next level by being the first graphics card in the world to incorporate a TEC (Thermo Electric
Chip). TEC’s superior cooling performance means that even when the FZ Cool is
overclocked by 20% the temperature remains within the optimum temperature range. The
FZ Cool also stands out in 3D Mark 05/06 benchmarks by outperforming standard versions by
15% and returning the best scores as well. The FZ Cool has 4 heat pipes and twin silent fans
with automatic speed adjustment, special overclocking temperature control function and
recovery mechanism. This ensures that overclocking will no longer shorten the life of your
graphics card! With its class-leading ultra-cooling design and perfect visual effects, the FZ
Cool is the dream card for master overclockers!

In addition to the FZ Cool equipped with TEC chip and FZ double-fans, 1950PRO series cards
equipped with normal cooling fans are now also available for power users. All three products
use the ATI RV570 core manufactured using an 80nm process with onboard GDDR3
512MB/256MB high speed memory. HDCP is also supported to provide you with the ultimate
audio-visual experience.

The 1950PRO series of products support Shader Model 3.0, use the latest graphics
processing architecture, produce the highest frame rates in the industry and comes with 36
pixel pipelines to provide the fastest graphics processing capability. For HDTV digital output
support, Dual DVI (Dual Link) offers display resolutions that far surpass other products in its
class. There is also Windows Vista support so you can easily upgrade your system when
the time comes. The hardware supports the CrossFire platform enabling two cards to
operate in parallel. The result is the most vivid and photo realistic images even at high
resolutions, with the high performance architecture providing AFR, Supertiling, Scissor and
SuperAA Rendering modes for superb graphical quality. The dual card setup also allows 12x
Multi Sampling AA to be turned on concurrently with 2x Super Sampling AA to achieve a
staggering 14x AA. This means that the visual quality is enhanced even further without
impacting on system performance, so that even as players enjoy the detailed high-resolution
graphics they can also expect the best in gaming performance.