Proudly presenting the VertiCool IV

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

City of Industry, CA – High speed processors, large capacity hard disc drives, all these components provide a better and faster computing experience but still generate a lot of heat, therefore perfect cooling is key. Spire is an outstanding leader in this field of business and a proven name-brand in thermal products. Proudly presenting yet another successful thermal product, the VertiCool IV processor cooler.


Main Features:

  • All Copper High-density Tower Heat Sink
  • 4 thermally improved copper heat-pipes
  • Ball bearing 90mm blue translucent fan
  • Silent; Manually controlled PCI Fan Control
  • Universal Clip for 775 and K8 sockets
  • Rubber-Screw Fan vibration absorption; 4 rubber screws to hold and absorb any fan vibration

„We’ve really pushed the boundaries with the new VertiCool IV“ said, Sidney Chen, Thermal Product Manager for Spire. The mother of all gaming coolers stands a magnificent 123mm high and is pure 100% copper. Not only that but it’s bristling with new technology from the full copper heat-pipes to it’s ultra quiet 90mm fan. We’re not one to brag but we know we’ve hit a winner with this cooler.

The VertiCool IV processor cooler is now available from all Spire branch offices and partner distributors.