AOpen announces new XC Cube EU965 64-bit bare system

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

AOpen Inc. has extended its XC Cube range to include the new XC Cube EU965. The EU965 uses Intel’s latest G965 chipset and has been purpose-designed to offer 64-bit processing power in a compact package, provide outstanding thermal performance and allow the use of low-noise technology. This chipset’s ability to support Core™ 2 Duo desktop 64-bit processors and Microsoft® Windows Vista™ promises users a whole new computing experience!


The G965 chipset incorporated in the new XC Cube EU965 sets new performance standards by providing a 64-bit processing architecture that is completely compatible with Core™ 2 Duo 64-bit CPUs. Moreover, this chipset also supports less costly Pentium D and Pentium 4 processors. The integrated graphics core GMA X3000 effortlessly produces high definition images of excellent quality. The specifications of the XC Cube EU965 speak for themselves, combining 1066MHz FSB, DDR II 800/667MHz and an expandable memory up to 4GB with the Intel Fast Memory Access functionality of the G965 chipset. All of these features make the XC Cube EU965 an efficient all-rounder that is capable of supporting Microsoft® Windows Vista™.

In anticipation of future upgrades, the XC Cube EU965 uses a 275 watt power supply unit that has adequate reserves for mid-/high-end graphics or other add-on cards. This feature, combined with 1GB/s LAN, S-ATA2, USB 2.0, IEEE1394, PCI-E x16 and a PCI slots, helps create a compact and expandable bare-bones system.

The XC Cube EU965 also offers 7.1 ch surround sound, Intel’s GAM X3000 graphics engine and an optional high definition, high quality HDTV video output card for maximum video and audio enjoyment. AOpen has also built in unique, in-house developed thermal and low-noise technology for ideal operating conditions. In short, the XC Cube EU965 offers fantastic performance, both at work and play, when combined with Core™ 2 Duo CPUs.