SiSM671MX Chipset to be Certified for Windows Vista

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Jan. 18th, 2007 – SiS today pleasingly announced that its SiSM671MX chipset designed for Intel Pentium® M platform is certified for the latest operating system, Windows Vista™.

SiS develops the SiSM671MX chipset for Intel mobile platform, and the chipset is thoroughly compatible with Windows Vista™. The SiSM671MX chipset enable all the Intel mobile platform users to enjoy Windows Vista™, and it is able to support all the key features of Windows Vista™. For those users who want to have unforgettable experiences of such incredible operating interface, the SiSM671MX chipset provides the operating environment with extremely stability, security, and reliability when they are web-surfing, e-mailing, using instant messenger, and even filing. SiS has been working closely with Microsoft in providing customers with best solution which perfectly matches with Window Vista™. The presence of the SiSM671MX chipset for mobile platform offers a great choice for users when considering the compatibility with Windows Vista™.

The SiSM671MX chipset has been adopted by numerous customers. It supports Intel Pentium® M CPUs and DDR2-667 memory. Also, with the embedded SiS Mirage™3 graphics engine, the astonishing new features of Windows Vista™, such as Aero™ 3D visual interface and 3D animation, can perfectly be performed. Besides, with the advanced SiS Real Video Technology, the SiSM671MX chipset can embellish the image quality of notebooks extensively. Furthermore, the SiSM671MX chipset leaves a space for gamers to upgrade the system by providing one PCI Express x16 slot, which allows 4GB/s transmission bandwidth for each direction. Power-saving capability is the main concern for notebook PC users. SiS takes this concern seriously when designing the SiSM671MX chipset. Therefore, the chipset is integrated with Smart Dynamic Clock Gating technology to flexibly adjust the system loading under 2D and 3D conditions. By doing this, the power-consumption of notebook PCs can be reduced surprisingly. Users can easily benefit from such a useful design by experiencing the lower temperature of cases.

The SiSM671MX chipset is currently one of the most recommended solutions for Intel mobile platforms. With the certification for Windows Vista™, the performance of the overall system is expected to be excellent.

* SiSM671MX chipset with SiS Mirage™3 graphics engine