X-Micro Announces new EVA 220 MP3 Player

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)


X-Micro Announces new EVA 220 MP3 Player

Recently introduced in Computex 2007

(Excerpt from press release)

Taipei, July 27, 2007 – X-Micro announces his new EVA 220 MP3 player, a premium line product with excellent utilities and features which makes it highly superior than other MP3 players.

The EVA 220 MP3 Player was announced in Computex Taipei 2007, where it obtained excellent comments by the visitors. Not only X-Micro brings us an excellent quality product; slim, elegance and stylish design are also features which make it a perfect combination to be an outstanding MP3 player.

EVA 220 also functions as a flash drive whereby you can transfer multimedia files and any data from one device to another.

This product differs from the predecessors by the incorporation of an ultimate generation new Blue Backlight LCD clear display. The new EVA 220 MP3 player sounds amazing, it includes a high-fidelity earphone obtaining a surprising audio quality. Now enjoy live music with a mini player which is small enough to fit in your hand.

Specs of EVA 220 MP3 Player

  • WMA/MP3 Player
  • Digital voice recorder
  • FM Radio
  • FM Radio recorder
  • Mass storage USB device
  • Integrated USB connector
  • Blue backlight LCD display
  • Easy navigation folder & file
  • ID3 tag/Lyric synchronous display
  • Superb audio quality
  • Li-polymer rechargeable battery