Gainward introduces NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT „Goes Like Hell“

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)


Gainward introduces NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT „Goes Like Hell“


(Excerpt from press release)

Gainward, a world leading producer of High-quality, High-End 3D accelerators for the Personal Computer market, proudly announces the release of BLISS 8600GT 256MB TV DD Golden Sample™; Goes Like Hell. It´s not fast it´s SUPERFAST.

This cards just might be the fastest 8600 GT out there!!!!!

The new BLISS 8600GT Goes Like Hell from Gainward with its 1,0ns Memory modules and external power connector is super over clocked out of the box leaving room for even more over clocking

The BLISS 8600GT GOES LIKE HELL is boosted up from standard 540MHz core / 1400MHz memory clock to an impressive 625+ MHz / 1800+ MHz memory clock. WOW.

Go ahead and make your day, get a 8600GT GOES LIKE HELL Gainward and beat the crap out of your gaming buddies.

Key features

  • The Fastest 8600GT in the market today offering stunning 625+MHz Core clock and 1800+MHz Memory clock
  • External Power Connector to ensure power source for better and safer over clocking.
  • High Performance and low noise fan with protective cover keeping the dust away.
  • 1,0ns DDR3 Memory modules
  • HDCP Compliant, guaranteeing HD-videos to work with your home entertainment setup