Vivante Corporation Joins Futuremark’s 3DMark and Handheld Benchmark Development Programs

Low-power graphics and multimedia IC startup joins established industry leaders with strategic interest in 3D graphics performance on handheld devices and PCs

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

San Diego, California (Siggraph) – August 6, 2007 – Futuremark Corporation, the world’s leading developer of performance-analysis software and services for smartphones, handheld devices and PCs, announced today that Sunnyvale, California-based Vivante Corporation has joined both its 3DMark and Handheld Benchmark Development Programs (BDP). Vivante Corporation is a privately held fabless semiconductor company, specializing in the design and development of low-power graphics and multimedia ICs for next-generation portables and handheld devices.


Start-up Vivante Corporation recently announced their silicon proven low power GPU architecture. Vivante GPU cores are being designed into 65nm SoCs in multiple mobile applications. Vivante is a Khronos(tm) contributing Member Company, and listed by Khronos as an OpenGL(r) ES Adopter with OpenGL ES conformant products in development.

Oliver Baltuch, President, Futuremark Inc., said, „Vivante is developing low power graphics processors that have broad potential for success in the marketplace. Typically handheld power limitations serve as a stark contrast to dynamic 3D graphics performance and rich multimedia applications. Combining next-generation graphics on a low-power consuming platform would provide a great benefit to consumers.“

Futuremark’s Handheld and 3DMark Benchmark Development Programs create partnerships with leading mobile industry and PC hardware and technology manufacturers, enabling them to participate in the specification and design of unbiased system and device performance tools. Additionally, Futuremark provides BDP Members access to pre-production versions of benchmarks to elicit feedback from their membership. Futuremark’s 3DMark BDP Members include Ageia, AMD, Compal, Dell, Vivante, Intel, Microsoft,
NVIDIA. S3, Sapphire, SIS and Velocity Micro. Current Handheld BDP Members include AMD, ARM, Broadcom, DMP, Freescale Semiconductor, Vivante, Imagination Technologies, Intel, Marvell, Mtekvision, NexusChips, NVIDIA, Renesas, Samsung, Symbian and Texas Instruments.

„Membership in Futuremark’s BDP provides us access to a suite of critical performance comparison tools for our design and development processes, permitting us to test OpenGL ES implementations in both software and silicon,“ said Wei-Jin Dai, CEO from Vivante Corporation. „Having valid, dependable 3D graphics performance data will be a great asset to our sales and marketing efforts in this competitive environment.“