Patriot Memory Introduces The VIPER Series

Gaming Memory that Lets You "Keep Your Cool"

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Fremont, California, USA, December 7, 2007 – Patriot Memory, a global provider of premium quality memory module and flash memory solutions, released the „Viper“, a new and improved heat spreader design for their DDR2 and DDR3 Extreme Performance Line of gaming memory.


Made from an aluminum-copper composite (ACC), the Viper Series heat spreaders effectively transfer heat from the module. Aluminum and copper are one of the most economically and thermally conductive materials available. Only diamond, gold and silver have a higher thermal conductive rating. Directly attached to the module, and in direct contact with the memory chips, heat transfers to the heat spreaders and out to the surrounding air through a number of extruding fins atop the shields. These fins have been designed to have special heat corners to increase surface area resulting in 90% faster heat dissipation.

Compared to their current bladed heat spreaders, the Viper Series significantly reduce internal module temperatures. Lab tests show that after placing the memory under an intense load for 45 minutes, the memory chips themselves were 20% cooler as compared to their bladed heat spreaders under the same testing scenario.

„We are proud of our new heat spreader design,“ says Saeed Arash Far, Engineering Manager of Patriot Memory. „Not only are the new heat spreaders visually appealing, but they are undoubtedly one of the best at passively removing heat from the memory.“

The DDR2 Viper Series will also feature EPP (Enhanced Performance Profiles) which will boot at the rated specifications on the latest Nvidia SLI Chipsets. EPP eliminates the need for any manual configuration, allowing uncomplicated overclocking capabilities for consumers looking to maximize the performance of their systems.

Viper Series products will be available in the following products below:

DDR3 Module

DDR2 Modules