S3 Graphics Leads the Way with DirectX 10.1 Certification for Windows Vista

Early WHQL certification for Chrome 400 Series GPU drivers ensures reliability and optimum performance with Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Service Pack 1 (SP1), delivering Hi-Def™ full DX10.1 to the entry card market

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Fremont, California, March 25, 2008 – S3 Graphics today released WHQL-certified drivers for Microsoft® DirectX® 10.1 API as part of Windows Vista™ Service Pack 1 to take advantage of new graphics features brought to market by Microsoft. This milestone allows software developers to start DX10.1 development on S3 Graphics Chrome 400 Series hardware using the latest March 2008 DirectX SDK.


WHQL certification represents a high level of achievement and strict adherence to Microsoft’s high quality standards for reliability and usability on PC platforms. It is also considered an important part of the Windows Vista™ computing experience for consumer and corporate desktops and notebooks.

DirectX 10.1 provides additional instructions and features to improve rendering realism, by increasing filtering and computational precision, improved image anti-aliasing to reduce jagged lines and blocky artifacts, and API standardization for cross platform software compatibility. With Windows Vista, Microsoft has brought a new level of graphics realism to PCs that demands enhanced hardware acceleration like that in the Chrome 400 Series

„S3 Graphics has worked closely with Microsoft to ensure full DX10.1 WHQL compatibility for our latest generation of Chrome 400 Series GPUs for current and future operating systems,“ said Iming Pai, Vice President of Software at S3 Graphics. „With Windows Vista and the latest immersive rendering technologies introduced by Service Pack 1, our customers and partners can be confident that S3 Graphics hardware is ready to take advantage of the new graphics features of DirectX 10.1 for upcoming applications.“

S3 Graphics offers a premium line of discrete graphics processors, from the Chrome 20 Series to the latest addition, the Chrome 400 Series. Both product families are Microsoft-certified to support the enhanced graphics requirements of Windows Vista™. The latest certified drivers can be downloaded here.