For Great Overclocking Choose MSI P45 mainboards: MSI DrMOS’ advanced BIOS tools

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

MSI will soon launch MSI P45 mainboard series based on the new Intel P45 chipset.


Besides following just the Intel specs MSI has implemented MSI DrMOS on its P45 mainboards: a bundle of smart hardware and software features. Amongst others, MSI DrMOS’ RapidBoost delivers you extra tools in the BIOS to enhance the overclocking possibilities of MSI P45 mainboards such as: Memory-Z, Multi-step OC Booster, Extreme voltages, extended HELP function ClockGen Tuner and Advanced Memory timings.

  1. Memory-Z
    Everybody is familiar with the Windows
    program CPU-Z, which provides detailed
    memory information. Only disadvantage it
    has is that you need to go back to the BIOS
    to tune your memory settings for
    overclocking. MSI is the first to include this
    feature in the BIOS itself: MSI Memory-Z.
    With MSI P45 series you can view detailed
    memory information directly in the BIOS,
    including all Intel XMP settings. From now on
    you do not need to switch back to Windows.

  2. Multi-step OC Booster
    Enthousiasts who overclock know that
    your bios might crash and that you will
    have to reset the CMOS. MSI P45 DrMOS
    BIOS fixes this with the Multi-step OC
    Booster. This will enables overclocking
    only after you exit the bios and boot the

    • Disabled = Normal procedure, apply OC settings during POST
    • Mode 1 = Load the OS then apply the OC settings. No OC during POST
    • Mode 2 = Slight OC during POST and then apply full OC when loading the OS
  3. Extreme voltages
    Due to the balanced 2-phase memory chipset power design, you can tune your system with extreme voltages. MSI P45 BIOS offers more than 128 levels of voltage controle. The increments for the CPU are in small steps of 12.5mV and for the memory and chipset in 10mV increments.
  4. Extended Help function
    Everybody knows the empty help screens in the

    which is horrible for users. What is the use
    of having many advanced options in the BIOS
    without knowing the exact effect? The new BIOS
    for MSI P45 has an extended BIOS Help function.
    MSI includes detailed help instructions in their bios.
  5. ClockGen Tuner

    The MSI P45 BIOS gives you the possibility to tune the clockgen. To shape the clockpulse to synchronize signals in order to get higher and more stable overclocking results. Die hard tweakers also have the opportunity to tune the clockgen chip.
  6. Advanced Memory timings
    Overclocking of the CPU is
    important, but why not get the
    maximum performance from your
    memory? MSI P45 users are in
    control of all advanced memory
    timings. All needed tools are in
    MSI P45 BIOS for advanced
    memory overclocking, even per
    channel settings.