DDR3-1333+ 2GB/4GB Dual Channel Kit

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd., the global leader in memory products, has again released new DDR3 Vitesta Plus series which supports new-generation DDR3 platforms such as Intel P35,X38, and X48 Chipset. The Intel P35 platform brought FSB (Front Side Bus) chips into the 1333 MHz era with Intel 1333 MHz CPU (E6x50). A-DATA’s DDR3 1333+ will be your best buy for entry power users in both performance and price.


DDR3 memory module consumes 30% less power than DDR2. The main benefit of DDR3 comes from the higher bandwidth made possible by DDR3’s 8 bit deep prefetch buffer, whereas DDR2’s is 4 bits, and DDR’s is 2 bits deep.

Over the years, A-DATA has built a reputation for consistently high quality. To ensure stable operation over extended periods of usage, the DDR3-1333+ uses only original DDR3 chips; burn-in testing and rigorous dual-channel capability testing. The highest quality standards are maintained at every stage in the production process, to create a first-class memory product that combines high stability with high performance. Using a 128m X8 pin layout, the DDR3-1333+ is available in 2GB Kit (1GB X2) and 4GB (2G x2) Dual channel kit version. Timing recommendations for overclocking are provided, making it easy for even beginners to implement overclocking.