IKONIK Gaia PSU Brings better environment with electricity bill reduction

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During the last few years, many brands have started to produce their own line of PSU’s. So what makes the IKONIK PSU different and better than other PSU’s? From the beginning the IKONIK R&D team wanted to build a PSU with the general idea of the best components and highest efficiency.


IKONIK Gaia Series ranges from 350W to 500W. This range covers most users who are particular about their PSU and have a high standard that they abide by.

IKONIK’s main PSU objective is “component”. In the market at present it is difficult to find a good PSU in this segment with such components, but IKONIK once again raised the bar by insisting on such high quality components. Gaia series PSU uses the best on the market such as:

  • Japanese made main capacitors.
  • 120mm long life DC Fan with the super silent solution from IKONIK.
  • The acoustic is less then 20dB when the consistence output is less than 60% of full load.
  • Luxury aluminum with 3D diamond cut “IKONIK” fan guard on this unit. The fan guard makes Gaia PSU more better looking than other middle segment PSU.
  • Cable sleeves for all cables as IKONIK is looking at user friendly.

What’s more from IKONIK Gaia? Of course, high efficiency is always to be mentioned on this kind of wattage range. All Gaia PSU’s have already passed 80PLUS certification. It means Gaia PSU can give every user at least 80% efficiency value. In addition, IKONIK has mentioned they can give a promise “The efficiency of every piece IKONIK 80PLUS certified model in the market is over than 80% efficiency” to the user who is buying an IKONIK 80PLUS certified PSU model. IKONIK is the first power supply manufactory who made a promise on this. IKONIK is really focusing on saving the world energy and working on green products. With this in mind IKONIK PSU GAIA series is designed for users who are concerned about saving energy and monthly electricity bill. Compared to a PSU with 65% efficiency you can earn back a whole new PSU by using 80PLUS within 3 years just in electricity bills.

In the summary, IKONIK is really serious about their PSU product. Matching design, technology, efficiency, this is the best model on the market in relation to value for money. IKONIK once again proves themselves a worthy manufacturer taking all details into account. The Gaia PSU is environmentally friendly, with high efficiency and best components available yet at the same time won’t burn a hole in your pocket. What are you still waiting for? Get an IKONIK GAIA power supply now.