A-DATA Releases the New 64GB S901 USB Flash Drive

Huge storage capacity, yet ultra slim in shape

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

2009/2/20 – A-DATA Technology, a worldwide leader in high performance DRAM module and flash memory products, announced today its new 64GB S901 USB Flash Drive.


A fashion accessory both eye-pleasing and sporty
Integrating colorful design and rubber material, S901 is both eye-pleasing and sporty. It also comes with a fashionable, vibration-resistant outer casing to keep your data safe and intact. Compact in size, the A-DATA S901 is easy and convenient to carry large amounts of data around with you when you are traveling or working. It is water, dust, and shock resistant and keeps your data from being damaged. Combining the state-of-the-art technology, practical functionality and stylish design, the S901 helps to express one’s unique lifestyle!

Enjoy much more storage space like an extra database
With its 64GB storage capacity, the S901 is almost like having one extra hard drive database, enabling one to access or backup important data whenever and wherever needed. In addition to all the features you can expect from a regular USB 2.0 flash drive, S901 offers much more storage space and value-added software such as UFDtoGo and FormatTool. Unlike most bulky USB flash drives, one will never have to worry that the adjacent USB port gets blocked because of the slim shape of the S901.